Ban Appeal Format.

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Ban  Appeal Format. Empty Ban Appeal Format.

Post by ArmoDr1LLer on Sat Aug 09, 2014 7:52 pm

Ban Appeal Format

Ingame name:

Banned by:


The day and time of ban:

Your Statement and why you should be unbanned:

Additional Content (Screenshots, Videos):

Other important information:

Did you make a ban appeal in the past?(if yes, provide links):

A screenshot of the ban screen/dialog box:

If you have been banned, you can post a ban appeal in this section. Tell us the truth and don't try to lie, lying will drop the chances of your Ban Appeal getting accepted.

We have some rules and regulation when you post your ban appeal here :-

You can only post one ban appeal at a time.
You are not allowed to post a ban appeal for other players.
You are only allowed to post in a ban appeal if you are an admin, the banned user or if you are involved in this case. Admins which are involved in this case can post their opinion and suggest a second chance or no second chance. However, a Founder or a Head Admin will post the final decision.
Make sure you included as much proof as you have.
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