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Admin / mapper App Format Empty Admin / mapper App Format

Post by Eclipse on Sun Jun 15, 2014 2:39 pm

Admin application format

Forum Name:
Your registering date : ( Forums and In-game )
Your location :
How long have you been playing on the Server :
Contact Possibilities :
Explain why you want to be an admin / mapper :
Explain why you should be the chosen one and not others :
Additional Information (If you're applying for Mapper , Please include two of your maps) :

Situation Based Questions

Admin Commands - /kick , /warn , /mute , /spec, /specoff , /jail , /disable caps , /Enable caps , /clearchat

| You recently became an admin |

1)You see a ban evader (you note that since you saw their Ip) what will u do?

2) You see a player reporting another player for the reason "aimbot" what will you do?

3) You see someone insulting the server / another player constantly , what will you do?

4) You see someone misuse the forums , what will you do?


1) At least 20 Posts in Forum :
2) At least 10 Hours playing time :
3) Registered for at least 2 weeks on the server and the forum :
4) Include a screenshot of your statistics on the server (/stats > f8)

  • Please don't answer in 1 or 2 sentences

*Note : The final decision belongs to the EA's and if in any case a dispute arises or if you feel that your vote is not justifiable enough , Feel free to reply on this application with the correct counter-statements . The foundation will decide the final action .

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